Jun 2, 2010

A4Tech K5-52D Review

I bought a K5-52D because I bought a new laptop (new for me, it is an used IBM T42 - very good little machine) and it required a mouse. I think this mouse is better for me than the 710F. It has better shape for my fingertip style mouse handling. It is light, it has programable double click button, buttons are very sensitive - they require very little force to press them. There is a rubber thing on the sides - but i removed them - they were too unstable. Unfortunately after one month the double click button is broken. It is stucked in. After a little trying to fix - it works if i press the bottom side of it.  - I lost the guarantee paper
The sensor also not bad - especially on glass and shiny surfaces. It doesn't really like to work on clothes but it works well on mouse mat and flat surfaces.
The mouse gestures are not too good, but other mouses also doesn't have this function so at least we can try it.
Conclusion: It is a very good mouse I can recommend it anybody to use in office programs (maybe alsso in games)

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